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November 27, 2015

1238714_10151959642940572_114122093_nTwo weeks ago we welcomed our Hungarian-Austrian-German volunteer Uschi at our NAG office in PortShepstone. Though she comes from businesses management  background, she was eager to be our helping hand for the exciting and busy remaining weeks of this year whatever way she could. While full of energy and curiosity, she is willing to absorb the South African culture at its fullest, understand and learn about the countries social and political situation.

NAG has given her the opportunity to dive into current projects, follow future leaders at their daily work routine, observe the future leader coaching, participate in psycho social meetings and giving fresh input from her point of view.

Yesterday Uschi even had the chance to be NAG’s year end party. She got to meet a lot of NAG members and experienced her very first real South African braai. To end her time at at NAG (for now:-)) she will help out at the yearly family camp at Masakhane this upcoming weekend after which you can read about her experience in detail about her time in South Africa and more so at NAG on our blog12306007_10205611958837497_657270157_n

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