Future Leaders On The Move: A story a time. 1

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My name is Mandisa Shomela. I am a Future Leader at Network Action Group. I want to share the story of my personal development and how that impacted my community.

When I became a Future Leader last year October, I was not sure what was expected of me. I was not the most confident of young people but if sitting at home doing nothing gave me anything, it was a willing heart.

As a Future Leader I monitor 5 local ECD’s that I volunteer at and an elders luncheon club. Over the months I have learnt how to help CBO’s keep their organisations on track and in line with various NPO compliance requirements and organisational development. I also have an obligation to monitor and assist ECD’s implement trainings.

When I started work I did just what I had to do. But after various life skills trainings and camps I learnt so much about taking initiative and fully applying myself to the work I do. I had learnt a thing or two about facilitation and the relevance of icebreakers and the power of communicating your ideas.

I started seeing things anew and things I never cared for began to bother me. For example in the luncheon club I volunteered at, I began to notice the old people who were not involved in the handcraft activities just sitting around and waiting for lunch and going home. I then suggested to the leaders of the organisation that we start some kind of activities that will keep them active and involved. The idea was welcomed with great optimism which made the implementation an easy process.

The participants have shown great enthusiasm and come back with testimonials of being in better physical condition then they used to be. That kind of feedback is encouraging and heartening for a young person such as myself. I am constantly surprised by how much I learn and feel confident to implement back home.