Looking Back and Moving Forward

IMG_0754 (2)Last year was not without its challenges, we saw the rise and demise of certain or Community Based Organisations, we lost and gained Future Leaders we had grown to love and admire and we were pushed into the tightest of corners where we were forced to stop and just untangle ourselves.

As a network working with hundreds of organisations and government departments, it is imperative that we allow our work process to flow within the office space and that each staff member is clear about their responsibilities and those of their co-worker. 2015 was a year of strengthening those bonds, re-strategizing and reviewing internal and external approaches to the work.

We welcomed a few new staff members mainly for the Information Management System program and the integration process was as smooth as can be. With interns, it was ups and downs and we learnt a great deal about the responsibility of mentoring and monitoring. We have also seen the numerous programs that are both facilitated and run by NAG taken from various pilot phases and mature in their own right.

What I am getting at is that the lessons learnt in 2015 are those that will help us create a stronger network within NAG and our numerous stakeholders and allies in 2016 and the years to come. With a new year we uphold ourselves to new excellence. We renew our dedication to the community of UGU district and KZN at large and all those we work with and represent. We will not be deterred from our vision and our goals as the plot thickens.

Thank you for the relentless support and here’s to a new year

Happy 2016

Network Action Group.