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This is a programme that seeks to combine youthful potential with the wisdom and passion of NAG CBOs. We start by identifying rural young people with leadership qualities through running life skills in classes in areas where NAG CBOs operate. A selective few are then placed on the future leaders programme which seeks to develop the next generation of community leaders through training, mentoring and hands on learning in organisations. The future leaders are simultaneously utilised to monitor and develop organisations which have proven to yield great results.

I did not have any purpose and I lived a reckless life. I found pleasure in smoking, excessive drinking and in a sense reassurance through what many would consider to be promiscuous behaviour. One day I was invited to a Life Skills meeting and I decided I had nothing to lose by going but certainly did not expect to gain much. My lack of expectations were quickly discontinued exceedingly and above what I had imagined. I then chose to be responsible for the ones I loved and cared for. I was 20 and ready to begin a life of purpose and meaning. After the Life Skills program I was recruited as a Future Leader at NAG and trained to carry out my duties with diligence. – Nonjabulo
Statistics and testimonies from CBOs show that the future leaders worked as catalysts for organisational development. We have found that the main reasons for the great impact of placing future leaders in CBOs are:

  1. Many CBO’s only have energy for day to day survival and may also lack the administrative skills required to move the organisation forward.
  2. The future leaders bring new energy with focus on development to the organisations as well as being equipped by NAG with the administrative skills that it takes to move the organisations forward.
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